Armed Security Officer CSOSA

Career Area: Security Domestic
City: Washington
State: District Of Columbia
Country: United States
Job Description

Personnel will perform building access control, monitor activities of persons in the building,
provide protection to building personnel, as well as assist visitors in the facility.
 Work shifts are expected to be 8 hours in length – with occasional overtime
 Must have ability to make good judgments and respond appropriately in stressful situations
involving firearms and other weapons
 May use magnetometers, hand-held metal detectors and/or X-ray equipment
 May use computer
 Response to emergency situations
 May apprehend and detain individuals
 Pursuit may be on foot, requiring running, jumping, climbing, and/or crawling
 May ascend many flights of stairs (5 to 8 floors)
 Requires physical exertion
 Give first aid/CPR/use defibrillator. This may involve lifting very large and heavy
 Give first aid and CPR – this may involve lifting very large and heavy individuals
 Ability to move into and out of kneeling position, unaided
 Utilize fire extinguishers
 May have to handle hostile situations
 May visually monitor computer/security screens
 Work will be conducted inside and/or outside the building (possibly during inclimate
 Perform roving patrol rounds on foot
 Perform escort duties (personnel and visitors)
 Control traffic (pedestrian & vehicle) and parking
 Will wear bullet-proof vest (weighs 9 lbs)
 Will wear gun belt with handcuffs, radio, weapon, CPR kit, flashlight, OC Spray and keys
attached (estimated at 10-15 lbs)
 Strenuous physical training includes: Apprehension and Cuffing, Defensive Tactics, and
Simulation Drills with Weapons. Frequency of activity listed below increases significantly
during training exercises.