Fire Inspector- Lake City

Career Area: Disaster & Emergency Services
City: Independence
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Job Description

Fire Inspector Position Summary: To perform fire prevention visits under the direct supervision of the Fire Chief, under the direction of the Senior Fire Inspector. To assist the Fire and Life Safety Educational Program in the areas of public fire safety education and other related services for the protection of life and property from fire or other disaster. This position involves administrative work in the performance and direction of activities including compliance with administrative codes, laws and ordinances, policies, procedures and/or special instructions of the Client and Statement of Work.


Characteristic Work of the Position:

  1. Definition: This work is performed at a professional level in the field of fire prevention,

and public fire and life safety education.

  1. Nature: Under the supervision of the Fire Chief and direction of the Senior Fire Inspector, perform such duties and activities as may be required in the codes and ordinances, State statutes and the rules and regulations of the DoD, Client and other applicable guidance while serving as in Inspector. The Fire Inspector is also a Fire Officer that is the second-due engine Officer. During Emergency Operations or other times when the Inspector is on-duty, after hours not-performing Fire Inspector Duties; the Fire Inspector is subordinate as a Fire Officer, only to the Fire Captain in the operations Chain of Command. The legitimate power of the Inspector, as a Fire Officer, may in turn be used by the Fire Captain on-duty to delegate direction of work and other tasks to the Fire Inspector to carry out on the Captain’s behalf. Firefighter-EMTs and Firefighter-Paramedics are subordinate to the Fire Inspectors (as they Fire Officers) in the operational chain of command and on the fireground.


Fundamental Duties and Ancillary Responsibilities:

Fundamental Job Duties:

  1. Assist in the operation of the fire prevention program under the Fire Chief, with day-to-day direction of the Senior Fire Inspector.
  2. Assist the Fire Chief in the development of standards for fire safety for the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP).
  3. Develop, conduct, and assist with evaluation of effective Fire and Life Safety Education in the presentation of public fire safety educational programs.
  4. Perform fire prevention visits/fire risk management surveys ISO the fire prevention program.
  5. Prepare written reports of fire prevention visits, and other related fire prevention matters.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of methods to perform fire prevention and education.
  7. Assist the Fire Chief in the review and approval of plans for construction, installation, and operation of equipment and structures so they meet the fire safety requirements.
  8. Communicate directly to the Senior Inspector, Fire Chief, and Fire Officers of the Department about Fire Prevention related matters ultimately keeping the Fire Chief apprised of all current or historic fire safety hazards/deficiencies. Hazardous conditions shall be reported, logged, corrected, and sent to the client Security Manager as required per the current Statement of Work. AT NO TIME WILL THE FIRE CHIEF BE EXCLUDED FROM communications related to Fire Prevention, to the Security Manager. In absence of the Fire Chief, the Program Manager shall be included directly.

Communication to other Department members and personnel outside of LCAAP F&ES shall be under the direction of the Fire Chief for Fire Prevention related matters.

  1. Support Operations as the Fire Officer on the second-due engine for emergency incidents and fall under the Fire Captain after the staff duty-day, while on operations.


Ancillary Job Responsibilities: Perform other related duties or procedures for the operation of the fire prevention program and operations that LCAAP F&ES.



Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of fire prevention practices.
  2. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of fire prevention codes and ordinances,

fire hazards and the methods and techniques of fire inspections; ability to research specific subject areas and the ability to interpret fire codes and ordinances.

  1. Ability to recognize existing or potential fire hazards in a wide variety of structures and installations.
  2. Knowledge of the principles and practices of building construction.
  3. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the personnel of the -Department, officials, and the client/general-public (customers).
  4. Ability to conduct fire prevention and educational activities and to express ideas clearly, concisely, orally and in writing to groups and individuals.
  5. Must possess LCAAP F&ES Fire Fighter-EMT requirements, Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor I and Fire Inspector I (also a pre-requisite for Fire Inspector II), as this is an Operations Position with additional requirements for medical clearance IAW NFPA consensus standards and DoD F&ES requirements.
  6. Oral and written communication skills necessary for accurate documentation of various required reports; communicating with the Department, the LCAAP officials, and the public.
  7. Demonstrates the ability to understand basic computer knowledge and skills.
  8. Ability to produce work prior to assigned suspenses.


  1. Minimum Training and Experience:

Such training as may have been gained through participation in fire prevention, public fire and life safety education or previous experience in loss prevention or emergency response agencies and consistent with the current Statement of Work and Collective Bargaining Agreement.


  1. Preferred Certifications:

BLS/CPR Instructor. A preferred task due to the medical background of Fire-EMS providers who teach and add their personalization to instruction. Ensures compliance with contractual requirements.


  1. Special Requirements

Possession of, or eligibility for, Fire Service Certification 1031 for Fire Inspector I and Fire Inspector II and valid Missouri Motor Vehicle Operators License.




  1. DoD Manual 6055.06, the Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program (22 Jan 2020), “minimum qualifications standards and certification requirements”, on Table 2: requires Fire Inspectors to possess: Fire Inspector II (Fire Inspector I is implied), Public Fire and Life Safety Educator and HazMat Awareness certifications. Current Fire Inspection personnel will receive the Public Fire and Life Safety Educator training and certification through DoD channels. Candidates will be required to possess Public Fire and Life Safety Educator to be considered for employment.


  1. Because Fire Inspectors serve as Fire Officers while assigned to/serving on operations, they shall possess the following certifications in addition to Fire Inspector I (already required of Inspectors) as outlined in DoDM 6055.06: Fire Officer I and Fire Instructor I/II.


  1. Ability to secure and maintain an active SECRET security clearance.


  1. Refresher Training Requirements:

Such training as is required to achieve and maintain certification as a fire inspector as outlined by the MO Division of Fire Safety as applies (for candidates) and/or possess or is eligible to receive reciprocity via the DoD certification program as outlined for Fire Inspectors in DoD Manual 6055.06, the Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program.


  1. Non-Discrimination:

All positions and promotions within the LCAAP F&ES will be filled according to the Equal Rights Act with no discrimination shown on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability and under the guidelines set forth by law, or company policy.