Part-Time Armed Security Guard-Dallas County

Career Area: Security Domestic
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States
Job Description


Position Overview:

Staff armed security posts and provide security for the personnel and property of, and visitors to, assigned government property in the area of Dallas county. May also work in a Control Center.



  • Protect personnel and property in a professional manner
  • Meet and deal tactfully and politely with general public and visitors
  • Effectively and efficiently screen and process visitors
  • Identify, report, delay or detain persons who violate rules and regulations
  • Conduct internal and external roving foot patrols
  • Complete all reports and paperwork as required
  • Provide first aid, CPR, and assist during emergencies as necessary.
  • Must be able to wear protective body armor as a part of the duty uniform.
  • Maintain mandated training requirements in accordance with company guidance.
  • Maintain physical fitness, agility requirements, and weapons qualifications.
  • Ensure safety requirements compliance and safe work practices.
  • Support safety programs Participate in Quality and Process Improvement programs.
  • Operate and monitor all SOC telephone, texting, radio and intercom communication systems, as well as SOC Life Safety, Access Control and related sub-systems
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Be able to successfully complete or have completed the state of Texas approved armed security officer training courses
  • Must possess or be willing to obtain the required state of Texas permits and directives to carry a weapon and act as a commissioned officer
  • A US Citizen with social security card
  • Must have valid state driver’s license with a vehicle.
  • Must possess a minimum of a High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Must meet all medical and physical standards as outlined in the contract
  • Meet background screening and suitability requirements.
  • Fluently read and write English

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to walk unassisted for a minimum of 300 yards, climb stairs and be able to lift and carry 20 pounds
  • Must have visual and audio acuity to operate motor vehicles, firearms and clearing barrels.
  • May be subject to outdoor conditions including extreme temperatures and weather
  • Subject to high noise levels
  • Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time
  • Must meet all physical and psychological standards as required by the contract