June 9, 2016

Olive Group awarded contract to provide security services to Najaf International Airport. Olive Group, a Constellis company, signed a five-year contract with the Najaf International Airport to provide security services to the airport on May 19, 2016. Currently, Najaf International Airport handles over four-million passengers a year, with upwards of 60 planes landing each day, surging to over 150 during religious holidays. Under this contract, Olive Group will be responsible for the security at the airport, curbside to planeside, and will employ a staff of local nationals and international workers totaling more than 300 employees.

The Holy City of Najaf is the home of the Imam Ali Mosque, the holiest site of Shia Islam in Iraq, and the third holiest in the world for Shia Muslims. The Najaf province in Iraq, is one of the nine Southern provinces in the country, and among the safest and most developed provinces. It is the home of many religious centers and educational institutions.

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