Sub-Brands Consolidate Under Constellis
January 8, 2017

With the shared mission of helping our clients operate safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the world, our goal at Constellis has always been and remains to align the top brands in our industry—creating something truly unique with our combined knowledge, resources, capabilities and most importantly, our people. We firmly believe that evolving to one brand and one voice will help drive our growth, improve our service delivery and create a stronger, more unified vision across the company.

Effective today, January 6, 2017, the Triple Canopy, Olive Group, IDS, Edinburgh International and Strategic Social sub-brands will consolidate under Constellis and their websites will redirect to the Constellis website. ACADEMI will keep its name and brand to visually identify our unique training services and facilities in Moyock, NC, San Diego, CA and Salem, CT. The legal entities representing our various, legacy brands will endure and we will continue to use their assets and licenses worldwide but we will function as one organization with a stronger emphasis on the Constellis brand.

Going forward, we will concentrate our efforts on providing risk management & advisory, security, training, and logistics & support services for government and commercial organizations. Our Reston, VA office will continue to serve as our corporate headquarters and we will maintain our regional offices, including Olive Group’s former headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Jason DeYonker,
CEO, Constellis