Algeria Weekly Report- 05 October 2017

Conflict in Algeria continues as 81 critical incidents were recorded, resulting in 12 deaths and 651 arrests during period between 28 September and 4 October 2017. 554 of the arrests related to Sub-Saharan African immigrants and Algerian nationals attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The human and social category was the most critical this week, accounting for 41.98% of the total incident pool. Security and defense and criminality followed closely with 23.46% each.

Seven Islamic insurgents were killed this week in Bejaia and Jijel as sweeping operations continued across the country. Security sources revealed that more than a thousand soldiers were mobilized in the forested mountains separating the provinces of Bejaia and Jijel, in pursuit of an Al-Qaeda group. The capture of one of the insurgents allowed the army to locate the rest of the group and neutralize six of them in Bejaia’s el-Kseur municipality. In Bouira, it has been determined that the six-member group the army had been chasing has recently vowed allegiance to Jund al-Khalifa, an offshoot of the Islamic State. Find out what else is happening in Algeria in our weekly report.