Algeria Weekly Report – 22 June 2017

For period of June 15-21 2017, there were 79 critical incidents in Algeria, resulting in seven deaths, six wounded and 388 arrests. Most of the arrests pertained to drug trafficking, illegal immigration and counter-terrorism. Criminality was the most predominant category this week, with 32.91% the total share of incidents, followed by human and social incidents with 31.65% and security and defense with 16.46%. On the terrorism front, two insurgents belonging to the new al-Qaeda coalition in Mali, Nusrat al-Islam, were killed in Tamanrasset moments after they infiltrated Algeria on June 15th. On June 16th, a third member of the group was captured near the Malian border. It is believed that the insurgents were to set up weapons caches and possibly discuss allegiances with southern Tuareg tribes in Algeria. Read more security updates in our Algeria weekly report.