Basra Monthly Report June 2017

This month in Basra, a total of 57 hostile incidents were recorded over the course of June 2017. This is a notable decrease on the 70 incidents recorded in May, but still above the monthly average and consistent with incident figures in April, of which 57 were also recorded. Basra Province saw 33 SAF incidents, a notable decrease on the 41 SAF events recorded in May, but still high when compared to March and April.

Four IED detonations were recorded in Basra Province. This is a significant reduction on the seven incidents reported in May and the 12 reported in April, a decrease resultant for the duration of Ramadan, which typically sees a slight decline in the frequency of hostile incidents. In line with established trends, three of the incidents were intimidatory in nature and caused no casualties. The most notable detonation was reported on 21 June, when a locally-made IED weighing 1kg was detonated by remote control on the vehicle of a judge, shortly after he and his protection detail had set off from the Judge’s house in Muhandiseen.

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