February 5, 2021


Malaysia (Security threat level – 3): On 4 February 2021, authorities announced new coronavirus-related restrictions for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Residential gatherings are limited to members of the same household and public cultural activities are banned. As of 5 February, businesses such as night markets, hair salons and car washes may reopen subject to public health guidelines, including 1 meter (3 ft) social distancing and separate entry and exit points for patrons. As part of the existing Movement Control Order (MCO), which is in effect through 18 February for the entire country except for the state of Sarawak, interstate travel is banned. In Sarawak, which is under a less restrictive Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), state officials are allowed to adopt their own Lunar New Year guidelines.


Portugal (Security threat level – 2): As of 4 February 2021, Portuguese authorities are deploying emergency measures to maintain health care services across the Lisbon region as the country faces a surge in COVID-19 cases that has led to the highest death rate in Europe. Hospital officials in Lisbon — the capital — have approved the construction of a second field hospital with a 150-bed capacity, which is expected to open in mid-February. On 3 February military medics arrived from Germany to support Hospital da Luz, which is located in Lisbon. Additionally, government officials in Austria announced that the country will receive ICU patients from Portugal. In Portugal, the average daily number of COVID-19 cases is approximately 10 times the country’s previous peak during the spring of 2020, and 45% of the country’s total coronavirus-related deaths were recorded in January 2021.


Mozambique (Security threat level – 4): On 4 February 2021, President Filipe Nyusi declared a nightly 2100-0400 local time (1900-0200 UTC) curfew from 5 February until at least 7 March in the Greater Maputo area to curb the spread of COVID-19. Additional new restrictions suspend all religious services, in-person learning, most private events and sporting events. Most commercial establishments are only allowed to operate during restricted business hours.


Chad (Security threat level – 5): On 4 February 2021, the U.S. Embassy in N’Djamena issued a Demonstration Alert regarding planned protests, which reads in part as follows: “Planned civil demonstrations have been announced for February 4-7, 2021. Groups may protest the Chadian government and/or the election process.

“During the time leading up to Chadian elections in April 2021, other civil demonstrations can be expected.

“Recent protests have encountered a strong police/security force presence and the use of tear gas.

“U.S. government personnel are advised to avoid areas of large crowds or where demonstrations are forming or taking place.”

The full text of the alert is available here.

Chile (Security threat level – 2): On 4 February 2021, the U.S. Embassy in Santiago issued a Health Alert following the Chilean Ministry of Health’s adjustment to city-level quarantine measures, which reads in part as follows: “As of February 4, the Ministry of Health has confirmed 740,237 cases of COVID-19 in Chile. The government of Chile has implemented measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. The following new measures were announced by the Chilean government on February 4:

  • The imposition of a quarantine for the following comunas (begins Saturday, February 6 at 5:00 am): Tocopilla (II Region), Copiapó (III Region), Saavedra (IX Region), Toltén (IX Region), Hualaihué (X Region)
  • The upgrading of the following comunas from Phase 2 (Transition) to Phase 3 (Preparation). This includes the lifting of quarantine on the weekends and holidays (begins Monday, February 8 at 5:00 am): Estación Central (RM), Independencia (RM), Cerrillos (RM), Tiltil (RM), Padre Hurtado (RM), Paine (RM), Zapallar (V Region), Cabildo (V Region), Pelarco (VII Region)
  • The downgrading of the following comunas from Phase 3 (Preparation) to Phase 2 (Transition). This includes the reimposition of quarantines on the weekends and holidays (begins Saturday, February 6 at 5:00 am): San Pedro de Atacama (II Region), Paredones (VI Region), Pumanque (VI Region), Malloa (VI Region), Empedrado (VII Region), Hualañé (VII Region), Curepto (VII Region), Portezuelo (XVI Region), Pitrufquén (IX Region), Melipeuco (IX Region)
  • The upgrading of the following comunas from Phase 1 (Quarantine) to Phase 2 (Transition). This includes the lifting of quarantine Monday-Friday (begins Monday, February 8 at 5:00 am): Cañete (VIII Region), Tirúa (VIII Region), San Rosendo (VIII Region), Lumaco (IX Region).”

Haiti (Security threat level – 4): On 4 February 2021, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows: “The political opposition group “Pitit Dessalinnes” intends to demonstrate on February 5th, 2021 beginning in Champ de Mars and ending in front of the U.S. Embassy. Additionally, opposition leaders have called for a nationwide protest on February 7th, 2021. The US Embassy will restrict non official travel of its direct-hire US Citizens staff to the immediate Embassy area. Please remain vigilant as large gatherings of this sort, while largely peaceful, can become unpredictable. Please avoid unnecessary travel in this area during this time.”