Iraq Monthly Insight report -June 2018

Overall hostile activity increased from May. With the conclusion of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, the number of hostile incidents rose in Baghdad. This coincided with the drawdown of enhanced security measures implemented during the religious festivals and Imam Ali commemorations. Following on from last month’s two suicide attacks, no high-profile attacks (HPAs) were recorded in Baghdad over the reporting period, though an ISF operation in Jihad Bayaa discovered an SVEST and C-4 near Baghdad International Airport. Overall patterns of activity remained in line with established trends, with violent activity in the city largely comprised of low-level localised disputes. Tribal hostilities, for examples, were noted in Sadr City on 20 June, when a tribe set fire to three houses following a skirmish over a football match three days prior. Other acts of violence were largely intimidatory, involving grenade detonations outside civilian residences along with targeted SAF attacks prompted by personal disputes. Insurgent activity was once again largely centered on the province’s northern peripheries, with incident levels consistently higher here due to elevated levels of militancy emanating from southern Salah al-Din, notably the Samarra area. Of note, on 3 June, an Islamic State bombing in the Husseiniya….