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Japan (Security threat level – 1): At approximately 0815 local time (1115 UTC) on 18 July 2022, officials ordered the evacuation of Fukuoka, Oita and Saga prefectures — located on the southern island of Kyushu — as well as Shimane and Yamaguchi prefectures — located on the northern coast of Honshu island — due to heavy rainfall and the subsequent risk of floods and landslides. The evacuation order affected more than 440,000 people residing in those areas. Recent rainfall levels reached as high as 90 mm (4 in) in Kyoto city and flooded numerous streets.


Panama (Security threat level – 3): On 18 July 2022, demonstrators reestablished roadblocks along the Pan-American Highway despite a 17 July agreement between protest leaders and government officials to end protest actions. The deal was intended to end recent demonstrations — which have caused transportation disruptions across Panama for several weeks — in exchange for a lowered fuel price of 3.25 Panamanian balboas/U.S. dollars per gallon. The government previously lowered the price of fuel to 3.95 Panamanian balboas per gallon on 11 July, but protesters deemed the measure insufficient. Critics of the 17 July deal are demanding that the government lower the price of basic foodstuffs and medical supplies in addition to fuel prices. Demonstrations are likely to continue, exacerbating nationwide food shortages due to ongoing transportation disruptions.


United Kingdom (Security threat level – 3): As of 19 July 2022, a “red warning” — the highest level of alert on a color-coded, four-tier scale — is in effect for London, as well as areas in central, northern, eastern and southeastern England, due to extremely high temperatures that could cause life-threatening conditions. A record temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius (104.4 degrees Fahrenheit) was registered in London earlier in the day; forecasts indicate that the temperature could reach up to 42 degrees Celsius. Extremely high temperatures have affected England since the previous day, disrupting aviation and transportation services. Most railway networks have advised passengers to avoid train travel unless it is absolutely necessary. Additionally, flight operations at London Luton Airport (EGGW/LTN) were temporarily halted for approximately two hours during the afternoon of 18 July due to a surface defect on the airport’s sole runway.


Sudan (Security threat level – 5): On 18 July 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum issued a Demonstration Alert which reads in part as follows: “Blue Nile State: Demonstrations are ongoing today, Monday, July 18, across the Blue Nile State and are expected to continue at least through tomorrow. The Khartoum-Qadarif highway is reportedly blocked by demonstrators, and centralized and decentralized demonstrations are occurring in Kassala. “Khartoum State: Demonstrations are expected to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, July 19, and Wednesday, July 20, in Khartoum. Protestors are expected to initially gather in the Mayo area in southern Khartoum and Al-Arbaeen St. in Omdurman. There may be other centralized and decentralized demonstrations, road blockages by protesters, and business closures. Security forces may close bridges.”