Kenya Political & Security Report 16 July 2017

This week in Kenya, the number of violent attacks increased by 2% with over 20 suspected criminals killed in robbery incidents. A total of 14 civilians were killed in violent crime offences recorded over the past two weeks, with another 10 becoming victim of terrorist attacks in Lamu County. Additionally, 15 security personnel were killed during the reporting period, nine in two separate terrorist attacks in Lamu County and six in a bandit attack in Laikipia.

Politically-motivated violence also continued throughout the past two weeks and is expected to continue into the short to medium term, as the campaigning period enters its final weeks. The National Police Service identified 20 counties, the majority of which experienced a number of violent incidents during the April/May intra-party primaries, that are particularly prone to election-related violence. International observers, including Human Rights Watch, also warned of the potential for violent incidents both during and following the election. Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police said, following redeployments of senior officials, that enhanced security measures have been implemented to ensure a peaceful and free election. Read more about security threats, politics, and hot spots in our Kenya Political and Security report.