Kidnap For Ransom Top 10 Report

This issue of Constellis’ Kidnap for Ransom Risk report covers the top 10 countries at risk, according to overall K&R risk globally. Rankings are drawn from multi-source analysis of both proprietary and official data, including Constellis’ global monitoring of over 200 countries and database of 2000+ foreign kidnapping incidents recorded since 2015.

A very high threat of kidnapping exists for organizations operating in Libya, driven by the large number of armed groups active across the country who regularly conduct abductions for both political, financial and ideological reasons. Militant actors, including Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, have repeatedly targeted foreign nationals, including diplomatic personnel in recent years, with overall risks particularly high in border and desert areas of southern Libya. The widespread presence of local militias has also contributed to the threat in the country, with numerous militia factions reported to be linked to the mass-abduction of foreign workers, in particular migrant laborers entering the country from the southern and western territories. Read the entire report here.