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Kidnap & Ransom update April 17, 2018


1. (MEXICO, 16/04/18) Over 10,000 kidnappings during Peña Nieto’s administration
At least 10,898 cases of kidnapping have been registered in the country so far in the six years of the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto, according to data from organization Alto al Secuestro. These figures contrast greatly from official sources, which claim only 6,582 kidnappings have been reported in the same period. Mexico State, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Guerrero and Mexico City are identified as the entities with the highest number of reports, according to Alto al Secuestro. FULL ARTICLE (1)

2. (HAITI, 17/04/18) Dominican driver kidnapped for ransom in Haiti
A Dominican driver was kidnapped in the Dajabon area of ​​Haiti when he went to pick up some clients on 11 April. According to information provided to the Dominican police by the family of the victim, they were contacted by the kidnappers, who demanded USD 50,000 for the release of the driver. Reportedly, the criminals also demanded the delivery of money to take place by the border crossing of Elías Piña, where they would also hand over the hostage. It is not mentioned if the kidnappers gave a deadline for the payment or if any agreement has been reached so far between the criminals and the family. Dominican authorities have said that intelligence suggests that the Dominican is being held in an area to the south of the island. FULL ARTICLE (1)


3. (NETHERLANDS, 16/04/18) German intelligence agencies uncover Turkish kidnapping plot
The Turkish secret intelligence agency, National Intelligence Organization (MİT), under direct orders from the Turkish president, had allegedly planned to kidnap a critic in the Netherlands. The plans were reportedly revealed by the Dutch intelligence agencies, which warned people who were targeted in these plots. The targets were said to be affiliated with the Gülen movement. The case in the Netherlands involved drugging and abducting a critic to later take him to a freighter destined for Turkey. No information was provided on the identity of the victim or the date when the plot was alleged to take place. FULL ARTICLE


4. (NIGERIA, 16/04/18) German engineer kidnapped in Kano
The Kano State police stated that on 16 April, unknown gunmen abducted a foreign national in Kano. The abducted person was identified as German national Michael Cremza, an engineer for construction company Dantata & Sawoe. Reportedly, at about 07:45 a.m. local time, five armed men on motorcycles fired at the vehicle taking firm staff to a construction site. The vehicle had been escorted by a police sergeant, who was killed by the assailants. This incident comes a few days after a Syrian youth was kidnapped and his father killed, trying to stop the abduction, also in Kano. FULL ARTICLE (1)


5. (BANGLADESH, 17/04/18) Abducted Saudi expat rescued by police
The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) rescued a Saudi youth in Delduar upazila on 15 April, a day after his abduction. The elite force also detained three alleged abductors and recovered the victim’s motorbike from their possession. On 14 April, Delwar Hossain, a Saudi expatriate and resident of Jhunkai village, went to visit Elasin Bridge, when six youths introducing themselves as policemen kidnaped him. The men took him to one of the suspect’s house, from where they demanded a ransom of Tk 50,000 (USD 600) from the victim’s family. Upon report, the police managed to trace the phone used by the suspects and carried out the rescue operation. FULL ARTICLE

6. (AFGHANISTAN, 15/04/18) Nangarhar doctors extorted on a daily basis
Doctors in the eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan say that on a daily basis, they receive threats from unknown callers who demand money. Doctors who refuse to pay extortion money are reportedly attacked or their family members kidnapped. The Physicians Defense Association (PDA) in Nangarhar said on 15 April that at least two doctors are threatened on a daily basis and even attacked in some cases. Recently, one doctor was killed and four other people injured when a bomb blast took place inside the doctor’s clinic in Jalalabad. Reportedly, the doctor had refused to give in to the criminals’ extortion attempts. Another was attacked by armed men on his way back home from holidays. He said that also a bomb was planted in front of his home. The doctor added that unknown armed men had threatened him in the past but he rejected their demands. The Health Ministry, together with the Afghanistan Labor and Wagers Association (ALWA) have reportedly addressed the issue with the security institutions to take steps for the security of doctors in the region. FULL ARTICLE