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Kidnap & Ransom update August 15, 2018


1. (HONDURAS, 13/08/18) Woman and accomplice arrested for murder and simulated kidnap for ransom
On 13 August, police arrested a 19-year-old woman in Juticalpa, along with a male accomplice, for their involvement in the aggravated kidnapping and murder of an electrician in El Rosario. The victim had been seduced by the young woman and led into a sexual relationship, when on 14 July, the perpetrators drugged him and murdered him. They then made contact with the victim’s family, claiming he had been kidnapped, and demanded a ransom of L5,000 (USD 208) for his release. His body was however found days later. Police are currently searching for further assailants, believing that the perpetrators are part of a criminal enterprise engaging in honey traps. FULL ARTICLE

2. (MEXICO, 14/08/18) Eight suspects arrested for the kidnap of Naupan mayor
On 14 August, Mexican security forces arrested eight suspects for their involvement in the kidnap and murder of the Mayor of Naupan, Puebla. On 4 July, the Mayor and his wife were travelling along the Tulancingo-Pachuca highway, when they were intercepted by an armed gang and taken to a safe house nearby in Santo Tomás. A couple of days later, the mayor’s wife was released and instructed to raise a large amount of money for her husband’s release, despite the fact that the probable kidnappers had in the meantime gone to the victim’s home and robbed it of valuables. She immediately contacted the authorities and an investigation was launched leading to the eventual arrest of the eight suspects. Unfortunately, the mayor was found dead during searches. FULL ARTICLE

3. (MEXICO, 14/08/18) Federal Deputy of PRD reportedly kidnapped in Hidalgo
On the morning of 14 August, the Federal Deputy of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Norma Rodriguez Zamora, was reportedly kidnapped by armed men along the San Alejo-Tejocotal highway. The alleged attackers fired shots at the vehicle Zamora was travelling in, causing it to overturn. The victim was then led to another waiting vehicle and driven away to an unknown location. During the attack, Zamora’s driver and a member of her entourage were injured. At present, neither the authorities nor representatives of the PRD have confirmed the kidnapping, and it is unknown if any ransom demands have been issued. FULL ARTICLE

4. (MEXICO, 13/08/18) Kidnap and murder of restaurateur in Tlalpan
On 10 August, a restaurateur in San Jerónimo Lídice, Mexico City, was kidnapped whilst delivering an order on Maltrata street in the same area. On the same day, the kidnappers contacted the victim’s wife using his mobile phone and demanded a ransom of 500,000 pesos (USD 26,492) for his release. The family could only raise 200,000 pesos (USD 10,597), which they gave to the kidnappers. Upon not receiving any location for where to collect the victim, the victim’s family contacted the authorities, who initiated a search operation in the area. On 13 August, the victim was found dead in San Andrés Totoltepec, in Tlalpan. His body was tied and gagged, and found with a bullet wound. Investigations into the incident are ongoing. FULL ARTICLE (1)


5. (ALGERIA, 13/08/18) Two kidnappers arrested near Tizi Ouzou
On 11 August, Algerian police arrested two individuals in Draa Ben Khedda, 10km west of the city of Tizi Ouzou, for their involvement in the kidnapping of the son of a trader the same day. The assailants were reportedly owed money by the victim’s father, resorting to the abduction of his son in an effort to retrieve it. Police were informed of the incident and freed the young boy in the evening of 11 August. A police statement detailing the incident was released on 13 August. FULL ARTICLE (1)


6. (IRAQ, 13/08/18) Five Yezidis rescued after five years in captivity
On 13 August, officials confirmed that a Yezidi mother and her four children were rescued after enduring four years in Islamic State captivity. The insurgent group kidnapped the family on 3 August 2014, when militants overran their town of Shingal in the north of the country. During the attack, insurgents killed hundreds of civilians in the region, and also took thousands more captive to be sold as sex slaves and servants. The five rescued Yezidis will reportedly be reunited with their family in the Kurdish region in the coming days. FULL ARTICLE


7. (PHILIPPINES, 13/08/18) Chinese kidnappers arrested in Barangay Bigaa
On 13 August, Philippine security forces arrested a Chinese casino loan shark syndicate in Barangay Bigaa, Laguna, comprised of four Chinese nationals and one Filipino. The suspects had, on 10 August, kidnapped a Chinese man near the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, and subsequently sent a video to his family of the victim being tortured, demanding a ransom for his release. Upon paying the kidnappers P280,000 (USD 5,231), the perpetrators demanded a further P150,000 (USD 2,802). This prompted the victim’s family to contact the Chinese Embassy, who coordinated with Philippine security forces to set up an entrapment operation for the second supposed payoff. This successfully resulted in the arrest of the kidnappers and the release of the victim from a safe house in Barangay Bigaa. FULL ARTICLE