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Kidnap & Ransom update – January 22, 2019


1. (ARGENTINA, 21/01/19) Tandil businessman possibly staged his kidnapping

On 19 January, businessman Mariano Vizcay reported to the authorities he had been held for five hours after his kidnapping outside a cinema in the city of Tandil. At the time of the incident, the businessman was in the company of his nephew, who was let go soon after. Vizcay’s relatives reportedly paid nearly USD 100,000 dollars to the kidnappers for his release. After the report was made, the Argentinean authorities carried out investigations, finding a number of inconsistencies, which led them to assesses the kidnapping may have been staged by the businessman. Investigations are ongoing. FULL ARTICLE

2. (US, 21/01/19) Express kidnapping in New Haven

A man has been prosecuted for the robbery and kidnapping of a teenager in New Haven on 5 October 2018. On that date, the accused and an accomplice approached the victim as he attended a meeting with a prostitute. After claiming to be in possession of a firearm, the suspects stole USD 140 from the victim and then forced him into the back seat of his own car. They subsequently drove the teenager to several local ATM’s, stealing an additional USD 600 from the victim’s bank accounts. The victim was later released and his vehicle returned to him. FULL ARTICLE


3. (RUSSIA, 21/01/19) Failed kidnapping attempt in Moscow, one suspect arrested

In Moscow, a business executive who was kidnapped for ransom, managed to fight off his kidnappers. On 20 January, the executive was forced into a vehicle as he was coming out of a restaurant in Obolensky Lane. He was then demanded 20 million rubles (over USD 300,000) for his release. The victim managed to convince the kidnappers to take him back to his house, where he had the cash demanded. Once there, the man rammed his own car against the criminal’s vehicle and opened fire at the kidnappers. Two suspects managed to escape, while the third was injured and remained on the spot. The injured criminal was taken to the hospital by the authorities. FULL ARTICLE (1) (3)


4. (PALESTINE, 20/01/19) Gaza militants simulate kidnapping of Israeli forces

During the commemoration event for the 54th anniversary of the founding of Fatah, the Nidal Al-‘Amoudi Battalion of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, staged a live-fire military exercise, which included the simulated kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. A video of the event was broadcasted with Hebrew subtitles. The Nidal Al-‘Amoudi Battalion is a Gaza-based Fatah splinter group that claims to be the true followers of Yasser Arafat’s legacy. The group has pledged to persist on Arafat’s path of “liberating Palestine and eliminating Israel” and carry out the Second Intifada. During the event, the group spokesman said that “the worst is yet to come” as new units have joined the battalion. FULL ARTICLE

5. (UAE, 21/01/19) Businessman charged with kidnapping

On 20 January, the Dubai Criminal Court heard the case of an Asian businessman who has been charged with kidnapping and assaulting a compatriot. The victim said he had paid Dhs10,000 to a relative of the businessman in their country to come to Dubai to work as a driver. When he arrived in Dubai, he found the job was as a labourer. The man demanded the a change in the contract or be allowed to return home. The businessman refused and the victim filed a complaint with his country’s consulate in Dubai. When the businessman found out about the complaint, he lured the worker to his house. There, he beat him with the aid of two other men and took him to another property where he was held hostage. The victim was threatened with police reports against him and was forced to sign several documents. He was also forced to contact his family and request them to send him Dhs12,000 (USD 3,300), to pay the businessman the cost of bringing him to the UAE. FULL ARTICLE


6. (PHILIPPINES, 10/01/19) Taiwanese man rescued from kidnappers in Parañaque

A Taiwanese man was rescued from a hotel in Parañaque City on the night of 8 January, Manila police said. The Police spokesman said that the suspects, who are also from Taiwan, abducted the victim on 7 January from a casino. The three Taiwanese suspects allegedly abducted the victim over a P100,000 (almost USD 2,000) gambling debt and demanded ransom for his release. Police are investigating whether the suspects are part of a bigger casino lending operation targeting Taiwanese nationals gambling in casinos in the Philippines. FULL ARTICLE

7. (AFGHANISTAN, 21/01/19) Taliban seize oil tanker trucks, kidnap drivers

On the night of 19 January, suspected Taliban militants seized two oil tanker trucks and their drivers from the Shiberghan-Mazar-i-Sharif Highway, a major thoroughfare in northern Jawzjan province. The trailers were hijacked days after suspected Taliban seized nearly a dozen trailer vehicles carrying goods on the Mazar-Shiberghan highway. FULL ARTICLE