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Kidnap & Ransom Update – June 10, 2019


1. (BRAZIL, 07/06/19) Bolivian kidnapped in Brazil

Relatives of Josué Barriga Valda have denounced the kidnapping of the Bolivian national. According to the family’s report, Josué was kidnapped after travelling to Vitória, the capital city of Espíritu Santo State, on 29 April. He had travelled in the company of a Brazilian national, who is suspected of leading a human trafficking gang and having masterminded the kidnapping. The Bolivian was reportedly abducted by the Brazilian and his accomplices right after their arrival at Vitória’s airport. He reportedly managed to escape his captors by jumping from the third floor of the building where he was being held. As a result of his injuries, we was admitted to hospital, from where he informed his family of the events. However, the victim has not being heard of since then, leading his relatives to believe that Josué was recaptured by the gang. FULL ARTICLE

2. (VENEZUELA, 08/06/19) Arab woman rescued in Carabobo

Officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Group of the Bolivarian National Guard (GAES -GNB), rescued a kidnapped Arab woman from a property in city of Valencia, capital of Carabobo State. Six kidnappers, including the leader of the gang, were arrested during the security operation. The GAES Carabobo acted upon receiving the report on the kidnapping of the foreign national on 2 June, when the victim’s family was demanded USD 20,000 for the woman’s release.


3. (RUSSIA, 06/06/19) Kidnapped businessman found in Moscow

The police department of Saratov region reported the rescue in Moscow of a Saratov businessman abducted a few days ago. The businessman was reportedly abducted by his acquaintances after he had turn to them for help when he found out that his business was going to be inspected by the authorities. The group decided to take advantage of the situation, kidnapping the businessman and attempting to extort 7,000,000 rubles (approximately USD 108,000) from him. The man’s captors were arrested during the rescue operation. FULL ARTICLE


4. (NIGERIA, 08/06/19) Three expatriates kidnapped in Rivers

Two Lebanese nationals identified as T. Stephen and S. Lahoud, and a Syrian man identified as E. Scaff, were kidnapped by unknown gunmen in the early hours of 8 June. The incident took place in the Adoni Local Government area of Rivers State, where the expatriates were working in the construction of a road for engineering company Raffoul Nigeria Limited. According to reports, the victims fought the kidnappers but did not succeed in escaping as they were outnumbered. Meanwhile, Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state, has given a 72-hour ultimatum to chiefs and leaders in Andoni to ensure the immediate release of three expatriates. Wike threatened the community with a number of sanctions, including the cancelation of the road project and the withdrawal of government recognition of local tribal chiefs, if the men are not released soon. He additionally directed other communities to take measures to protect contractors executing projects in their areas. FULL ARTICLE (1) (2)


5. (MALAYSIA, 09/06/19) Kidnapped Syrian rescued by Malaysian within a day

A Syrian man working as a cook in Malaysia, who was kidnapped from a restaurant in George Town, Penang province, was rescued by police on the same day of his abduction. The incident was reported on 6 June at about 5.30pm by the victim’s brother, who was demanded a ransom of RM100,00 (over USD 24,000) that had to be paid within two hours. At 9pm, the police managed to locate the victim and his captors – two Syrian men and a local woman – inside a car parked near the place of abduction. The arrested woman was known to police for drug offenses. It is thus likely that the kidnapping was linked to drugs dealing. FULL ARTICLE