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Japan (Security threat level – 1): On the evening of 26 May 2022, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the reopening of Japan’s borders to foreign tourists beginning 10 June. Arriving travelers will be allowed to purchase tour packages from authorized operators with fixed schedules and guides to visit popular destinations throughout the country. Individuals from countries with low COVID-19 infection rates and those who have been fully vaccinated will be exempt from on-arrival PCR testing and quarantine requirements. Additionally, authorities will double the number of travelers allowed entry into Japan to 20,000 passengers per day from the current limit of 10,000 passengers per day.

Pakistan (Security threat level – 5): Late on 26 May 2022, a lobby roof collapsed at a luxury hotel located in the Civil Lines area of the city of Karachi. Emergency personnel arrived at the Pearl Continental Hotel — where an event for local retailers was ongoing — and rescued individuals stuck underneath the rubble. The hotel’s guests and staff members were also evacuated from the building. At least two people were killed and three others were injured. A senior police official stated that the collapsed roof was in a poor condition; authorities have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the collapse.


Australia (Security threat level – 2): At approximately 0700 local time on 27 May 2022 (2300 UTC on 26 May), a boat carrying 26 tourists and two crew members collided with coastal rocks at Talbot Bay’s Horizontal Falls, a popular tourist attraction on the northern coast of Western Australia state. A number of people on board were thrown out of the vessel during the crash. At least 12 people were seriously injured. Falls Express — the  tour boat operator — has since reported that the vessel has been recovered. An investigation into the cause of the crash is underway.


Chad (Security threat level – 5): On 27 May 2022, the U.S. Embassy in N’Djamena issued a Demonstration Alert ahead of demonstrations planned for 28 May, which reads in part as follows: “Reports indicate that there is (or is planned) a demonstration in the vicinity of SONASUT Roundabout on Saturday, May 28, 2022. Embassy personnel have been advised to avoid the areas where demonstrations are taking place. Police have used teargas and force to disperse demonstrators in the past.”

Colombia (Security threat level – 4): On 25 May 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá issued a Security Alert regarding the upcoming presidential election, which reads in part as follows:

“The first round of the presidential election process will take place in Colombia on May 29, 2022.There is the potential for demonstrations, traffic disruptions, and visible police presence during the campaigns leading up to and on the day of the election. Roads may be closed in major cities, including Bogota, on May 29. Land and sea borders will be closed from 6:00 pm on Saturday, May 28 until 6:00 am on Monday, May 30. Alcohol sales are restricted from 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 28 until noon on Monday, May 30.”

Sri Lanka (Security threat level – 4): On 27 May 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo issued a Demonstration Alert regarding a planned anti-government protest on 28 May, which reads in part as follows: “There is a possible demonstration march starting at 2 PM tomorrow (May 28) at Kollupitiya Junction and ending at the President’s Residence. The group is expected to march north along Galle Face Road and gather at Galle Face Green in the evening with music and cultural activities. The protest is expected to draw large numbers of people and may cause road closures and congestion.

“Even peaceful demonstrations can quickly turn confrontational and escalate into violence. Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place and exercise caution when in the vicinity of large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.”