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May 6, 2022


Sri Lanka (Security threat level – 4): On 6 May 2022, police officers fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of demonstrators participating in anti-government protests near Diyatha Uyana Park, located in the capital Colombo. Reports indicate that dozens of protesters were attempting to storm the parliament building when police officers fired the tear gas. Several people suffered injuries in relation to the tear gas but there were no reports of arrests. Earlier in the day, trade unions and civil society organizations launched a nationwide strike to demand that the entire government resign, resulting in nationwide disruptions to public transportation services — including private taxis, buses and rail services.


Spain (Security threat level – 2): On the afternoon of 6 May 2022, a large explosion occurred inside a building on General Pardinas street in the Salamanca district of central Madrid, injuring at least 17 people. Emergency services personnel have cordoned off streets in the surrounding vicinity and authorities are advising the public to avoid the area. The official cause of the explosion is unknown at this time, but the building was reportedly undergoing renovations and a gas leak is suspected.


Israel (Security threat level – 4): On the evening of 5 May 2022, two assailants staged an attack in the city of Elad, located approximately 20 km (12 mi) east of Tel Aviv, killing at least three people and injuring four more. Reports indicate the assailants – at least one of whom was wielding an axe – carried out the attacks in two locations, one of which was a local park. Residents of Elad were ordered to remain in their homes. Authorities continue to search for both attackers.

The attack came at the end of Israeli Independence Day, and Israeli authorities had previously closed the borders of the nearby West Bank for the holiday. In response to the occurrence, the Israeli defense minister ordered the borders to the West Bank and Gaza Strip to remain closed until 8 May.