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Worldview Security Update – April 26, 2019


Indonesia (Security threat level – 4): On 26 April 2019, flooding occurred in Jakarta following heavy overnight rains that caused the Ciliwung River to overflow. The flooding primarily affected eastern and southern Jakarta, specifically the Lenteng Agung, Pengadegan, Srengseng Sawah, Rajawati, Cawang, Bidara Cina, Balekambang and Kampung Melayu areas. Approximately 1,500 people evacuated their homes. Traffic disruptions were also reported along Jl. Raya Kalibata, Jl. Dewi Sartika, Jl. Raya Condet and Jl. Raya Bogor roads.

Sri Lanka (Security threat level – 3): As of 25 April 2019, hundreds of Sri Lankan security forces have been deployed to search for six suspects wanted for their involvement in the 21 April bombings, as well as 140 people with ties to the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for the attacks. Police officers have detained at least 76 people thus far. Religious leaders have canceled public prayer meetings for the weekend after intelligence officials warned of possible retaliatory attacks.


France (Security threat level – 3): As of 26 April 2019, “yellow vest” protests are expected to occur across France on 27 April for the 24th consecutive weekend. Organizers will hold the main demonstration in Strasbourg; the previous week’s protests took place in Paris. Protesters hope to revitalize the movement in response to President Emmanuel Macron’s speech and policy proposals after the end of his “Grand Debate.” French authorities have announced continued bans on demonstrations on Paris’ Champs-Elysées, at Place de l’Etoile and near the Élysée Palace, the National Assembly and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Officials have also banned protests in other parts of France, including the downtown areas of Evreux, Lyon, Rennes and Strasbourg.

Despite the bans, protests are likely to occur in the aforementioned cities. In Strasbourg, demonstrators intend to march from Parc de l’Étoile to the European District, which encompasses the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. Demonstrations are also currently scheduled to occur in Arles, Besançon, Bordeaux, Evreux, Lyon, Marseille, Rennes and Toulouse.

Ireland / United Kingdom (Security threat levels – 2 / 3): Strong winds from Storm Hannah are expected to reach Ireland and the United Kingdom by the evening of 26 April 2019. Irish forecaster Met Éireann has issued a red weather alert — the highest on a three-tier scale – for wind in County Clare. The U.K. Met Office expects the storm to bring wind gusts of up to 90 kph as it moves across England and Wales. Flooding is not expected to occur, but power outages and disruptions to transportation services could take place.


Mozambique (Security threat level – 3): On 25 April 2019, Tropical Cyclone Kenneth made landfall near the city of Pemba in northern Mozambique as a Category 4 storm. Preliminary reports indicate that the storm destroyed 90 percent of residences on Ibo Island. It also downed trees and power lines, leaving Pemba without electricity. Early reports suggest that at least one person has been killed in Pemba. Kenneth, which has now weakened into a tropical depression, is forecast to bring 600 mm (24 in) of rain to Mozambique over the next 10 days as it moves northward to southern Tanzania.


Algeria (Security threat level – 4): On 25 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Algeria issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows: “Location:

  • Throughout Algeria
  • “Event: Demonstrations continue to take place throughout the country. At previous demonstrations, there were reports of confrontations between police and protestors involving tear gas and water cannons and reports of property damage and injuries. U.S. government personnel are encouraged to limit non-essential movements during and immediately after large demonstrations and instructed not to participate, watch, or remain near demonstrations or areas where they observe acts of criminality.”
  • Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Security threat level – 5): On 26 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows:

  • “Location: Kinshasa
  • “Event: Former presidential candidate Martin Fayulu plans to hold a rally shortly after his arrival on Sunday April 28th, at approximately 10:00am. The reported location of the rally is Ndjili Sainte Therese. While the rally is slated to begin around 10:00am, crowds and participants may start gathering much earlier.”
  • Serbia (Security threat level – 3): On 25 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows:

  • “Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • “Event: There will be an opposition protest Saturday, April 27, 2019 starting at 6:00PM at Terazije Fountain and marching to the RTS building. This protest is related to the weekly “1 in 5 million” protests that regularly draw thousands of participants, though police expect a significantly smaller turnout than usual due to local holidays. Expect traffic congestion along the protest route.”
  • Sri Lanka (Security threat level – 3): On 25 April 2019, the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) upgraded its travel advice to read in part as follows:

  • “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka, due to the current evolving security situation following attacks on 21 April 2019.”
  • Additionally, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo issued multiple Security Alerts which warned travelers of continued security operations that could cause delays, as well as the potential for attacks targeting places of worship between 26 and 28 April.
  • Sudan (Security threat level – 5): On 25 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Sudan issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows:

  • “Location: Sudanese Armed Forces Headquarters in Khartoum; Khartoum 2; the bridges in the Khartoum metropolitan area; metropolitan Khartoum (Khartoum, Omdurman, and Khartoum North) and other cities and locations across Sudan.
  • “Event: Opposition groups have called for increased participation in the on-going demonstration at Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) Headquarters. In addition to increased participation at SAF Headquarters, spontaneous protests could occur throughout Khartoum and security forces may react without warning.
  • “All U.S. Government personnel are required to conduct all movements in armored vehicles and only with prior approval from Embassy security. On April 11, 2019, the Department of State ordered the departure of non-emergency U.S. government employees.
  • “The Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy will be open for routine business on Thursday, April 25, 2019 and closed on Sunday and Monday, April 28 and 29, 2019 for Eastern Rites Easter and Sham Al Naseem holidays.
  • “Although the protests have been peaceful since April 11, and the military have allowed the demonstrations to continue without interference, there is always the possibility that this could change. Security forces have enhanced authority to detain and arrest anybody they deem to be undermining public order. Arbitrary detentions, including of foreigners, could occur. The Sudanese government does not recognize dual citizenship and is likely to consider U.S.-Sudanese dual citizens as Sudanese citizens only.”
  • Tanzania (Security threat level – 3): On 26 April 2019, the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued updated travel advice for Tanzania, which reads in part as follows:

  • “During the rainy seasons, end of March till May and October to middle of December, exceptionally heavy rainfall and strong winds can occur. Abnormal weather conditions can affect travel. Tropical Storm Kenneth made landfall as an intense tropical cyclone in Northern Mozambique on Thursday 25 April 2019. In southern Tanzania, torrential rainfall and widespread flash flooding is expected for the following 3 to 4 days. Thereafter a prolonged period of severe river flooding is likely, along with an enhanced risk of land and mudslides. The risk of hazardous sea and weather conditions to the southern coast of Tanzania remains. Travel to and through the affected region is likely to be extremely difficult for some time. You should monitor local and international weather updates from the World Meteorological Organisation and follow the advice of local authorities.”
  • Togo (Security threat level – 4):
    On 25 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Lome issued a Security Alert, which reads in part as follows:

    “Location: Land borders with Benin

  • “Event: National legislative elections in Benin on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Benin’s land borders with neighboring countries, including Togo, may be closed. Please plan your travel accordingly.”
  • Ukraine (Security threat level – 4): On 26 April 2019, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev issued a Security Alert regarding an increase in bomb threats:

  • “Location: Ukraine – Kyiv and countrywide
  • “Event: There has been an uptick in unconfirmed bomb threat reports around Ukraine, including airports, government buildings, and several metro stations.”
  • Security threat levels range from 1 (Very Low) to 5 (Very High) and are determined using a comprehensive system that utilizes both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The primary factors used to determine a location’s security threat level are Armed Conflict, Crime, Demonstrations/Strikes, Ethnic/Sectarian Tensions, Graft/Corruption, Kidnapping, Political Instability, Government Restriction and Terrorism.