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Whether you need customized training for an international deployment, physical security complete with K9s for a major conference, or construction, technical services, logistics, or facility and vehicle maintenance and operations, Centerra GmbH will cover you.

With decades of experience spanning a broad range of security and risk management services, we integrate global project management and logistics with custom, local solutions to help you succeed in an ever-changing environment.

Centerra GmbH creates fully-integrated risk management and humanitarian solutions by bringing together best-in-class knowledge, resources, capabilities and people. Combining the highest levels of private training with historical experience, our professional problem solvers are committed to creating a safer world.

Supporting Critical Facilities and Assets with a Constant Focus on Safety and Security

Technical services

Centerra GmbH offers a comprehensive spectrum of operations and maintenance (O&M) and base operations support services, from facilities maintenance and site management to life and logistics solutions, designed to meet your unique requirements and ensure business continuity wherever you are in the world.

Our domestic and global offices support a wide range of needs, providing management, supervision, labor, materials and equipment to perform all O&M and base operation services. We are flexible and support meeting change requirements, distribution of goods, new equipment, and servicing new facilities. We deliver the best service for your facilities with customized, cost-effective solutions, dedicated experience, and proven results.

Safety and awareness are a large part of our culture. Our safety ratings performing similar work demonstrates our history of safe work practices, and robust safety culture and practices. We deliver high quality services with skilled certified employees which enforce compliance with our safety program at all domestic and remote sites.

As your trusted provider, our full-service offering, custom solutions and proven results will allow you to focus on your core business demands.

Agile, Customized and Scalable Logistics and Life Support Augmentation Services

logistics services

Centerra GmbH’s customized logistics and life support solutions seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, scaling and shifting with you as your business and missions grow.

Operating in over 25 countries, Centerra GmbH brings more than a decade of experience supporting contingency operations for U.S. Government national security objectives and humanitarian efforts. We specialize in providing high-quality personnel, services, supplies and equipment on time. With our regional and local vendor networks located across our areas of operations, we support local economies, reduce costs, and provide expedited delivery of material, equipment, and supplies to our customers. We also provide continuous monitoring of programs, personnel, and equipment from our 24/7 Global Security Operations Center.

Our mission and enabling support services include:

  • Operations and Logistics Services
  • Technical Equipment Support Services
  • Life Support Services
  • Aviation and Air Charter Services
  • Medical Support
  • Global Advisory Services
  • Supply Chain and Depot Management Support

Innovative Fleet Maintenance Solutions


Managing and maintaining fleets under diverse operating environments can be challenging. We understand the importance of having the required number of safe, fully-serviced vehicles on the street at all times.

Centerra GmbH provides innovative fleet maintenance solutions to improve availability, safety, and life expectancy—and reduce costs. With corporate fleet experience spanning three decades, our highly trained workforce, advanced technologies and proven management practices have successfully addressed these industry challenges.

Our Fleet Services include:

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Services
  • Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs
  • Repairs and Overhauls
  • Fabrication and Modifications
  • New Vehicle Receiving, Processing, and Outfitting Service
  • Fleet Management Information Systems and Services

Experienced Teams

Today, we manage over 19,000 vehicles nationwide, supporting federal, state, city, governments and private institutions. Centerra GmbH’s services are founded on time-proven experience, basic mechanic know-how and state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities. We use a specific fleet management solution, which allows us to offer better service by providing an array of custom reports with vehicle life cycle cost analysis. Our ASE, EVT, ANSI Certified Technicians comprise our extensive and experienced fleet staff, providing daily oversight on each contract.

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