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Working for Women, Peace, and Security
June 13, 2022

Constellis wins the 2022 ISOA Women, Peace, and Security Global Impact Award

On June 9, 2022, Constellis K9 Trainer, Alyssa Richter, joined by Chief Operating Officer Paul Donahue, Chief Legal Officer, Melissa Taylormoore, Chief Growth Officer, Darryle Conway, Vice President of Business Development, Aimee Vineyard, and others, accepted the Women, Peace and Security Global Impact Award from the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA). The Award recognizes Constellis’ leading efforts in promoting women’s meaningful participation in peace and security. This is the second consecutive year Constellis received this award.

Constellis is fully committed to the imperatives of the Women, Peace, and Security Act of the United States. When the Act became law in 2017, our company led the way in advancing, supporting, and advocating for the inclusion and engagement of women across the globe. We recognize women’s diverse roles as agents of change in preventing and resolving conflict, countering terrorism, and building post-conflict peace and stability. We are steadfast in supporting, engaging, advancing, and celebrating the talented women of Constellis. Our award submission was based on K9 Trainer Alyssa Richter’s tremendous heroism and dedication in support of U.S. National Security missions and programs, and her Constellis colleagues.

On August 15, 2021, 12 Constellis employees were stationed at a site in Kabul supporting a U.S. Government mission. The employees were given an urgent warning that Taliban fighters were nearing their site; as a result, they extracted to a location near the Kabul airport. Once in place, the personnel were in contact with Alyssa, Constellis’ K9 team point of contact, who was located on the military side of the airport and engaged with the Turkish airport security for authorization to allow entry of our personnel through a secure gate. The team was instructed to make their way that evening for the last flight to depart Kabul; however, the roads were blocked due to the masses of crowds, preventing access. Alyssa declined to take her scheduled flight to safety and stayed with the team to assist.

Alyssa worked tirelessly with the Turkish guards to negotiate and grant our team access through the control entry point. Once permission was received, Alyssa personally exited a small pedestrian gate and pushed her way through the growing and panicked crowds to collect our team and lead them through the gate. Everyone managed to get safely inside the compound just as Taliban gunfire began.

Alyssa’s heroic actions were critical to the successful movement and extraction of these 12 Constellis employees. Without her actions, it is unlikely the team would have been able to exit Kabul.

We believe that when women across the globe are given the opportunity and tools to participate, engage, and lead, women across the world do precisely that. Alyssa is symbolic of the remarkable women working in their villages, communities, and nations to make the world better, safer, and more secure.

Read ISOA’s press release here.

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