Career Area: Training / Instruction
City: Oak Ridge
State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Job Description



An instructor serves as a member of the OST staff at his/her location, with responsibility for DOE and other federal, state, and local agency personnel. This involves: (1) teaching various subjects, such as driving, the use and safe operation of firearms, marksmanship, tactical response to and resolution of crises situations, etc.; (2) developing and revising courses, using instructional system development (ISD) methodology; (3) formulating teaching outlines and determining instructional methods, utilizing knowledge of specified training needs and effectiveness of such methods; (4) developing and selecting training aids, such as multimedia visual aids, training handbooks, demonstration models; and (5) and testing students to measure progress and evaluate effectiveness of such training.


  • Serve as subject matter expert in training by maintaining and applying comprehensive knowledge and competency in area(s) of occupational expertise, and related laws, regulations, and orders; maintaining and applying comprehensive training/learning methodologies and techniques; keeping up-to-date regarding requisite and prescribed training/learning techniques and methodologies, weaponry, and equipment; providing input and assisting in the development, design, and/or revision of courses to reflect new or changing concepts and technology affecting the field; serving as lead on training projects/programs pertaining to field of specialization or occupational expertise; acting as liaison with working groups in field of specialization or occupational expertise; and maintaining professional certification and qualification standards.
  • Conduct training presentations by reviewing course materials and lesson plans prior to instruction/presentation; identify learning objectives; utilize teaching aids (e.g., multimedia visual aids, training handbooks, reference works, demonstration models, etc.); utilize instructional methodologies (e.g., classroom instruction, demonstration, hands-on experience, performance exercises, scenarios, role-playing, lectures, discussions, etc.), utilize knowledge of specified training needs and effectiveness of such methods; and carrying out training presentations within prescribed course framework.
  • Reinforce learning by utilizing teaching aids; demonstrating occupational practices, procedures, skills, and techniques; involving students in hands-on/experiential learning and practical applications/exercises; encouraging student participation and interaction; observing student performance; providing feedback to students; identifying student progress and/or remedial training needs; providing technical guidance; and coaching, counseling, and assisting
  • Lead and evaluate effectiveness of training/course presentation by observing student performance and student application of techniques/skills; assess student comprehension of subject matter, using oral interviews, written examinations, and performance tests; review course critiques and analyzing information; and prepare and submit after-action reports.  
  • Ensure instructional presentations meet course objectives and training standards by maintaining a comprehensive level of knowledge, skills, and abilities requisite in the occupation or profession; reviewing course materials prior to instruction/presentation; identify learning goals and objectives; incorporate requisite and prescribed training methodologies and techniques; maintain continuity and consistency of training; ensure training/learning goals and objectives are achieved; carrying out training presentations within prescribed course framework; and following applicable DOE orders and OST policies and procedures.
  • Complete course/project administrative tasks by planning, organizing, and prioritizing work for accomplishment within expected timeframes; document action(s)/task(s) completed; accurately record the account code and time worked on each course/project on the official time record; prepare and submit for processing applicable forms/requisitions required for course/project presentation/completing; and follow applicable DOE, ITP-OST, and OST policies and procedures.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by studying/reviewing all relevant laws, regulations, orders, and policies; attending educational workshops; reviewing professional and technical publications; establishing and maintaining professional liaisons/networks with subject-matter experts; and participating in professional associations/affiliations.
  • Ensure that integrated safety and quality management principles are applied to all duties.
  • Performs all activities and tasks in a safe and healthy
  • Serves customers by focusing on quality as it relates to the customer; anticipating/understanding customer needs and expectations; responding expeditiously to customers’ questions, requests, and concerns; and satisfying customer needs and expectations.
  • Contributes to team effort by focusing on ITP-OST mission, goals, and objectives; accomplishing tasks and assignments in a professional and timely manner; keeping appropriate members informed regarding the status of tasks and assignments; establishing and maintaining professional working relationships; working amicably, cooperatively, and productively with team members; assisting others as needed and accomplishing other duties/tasks as assigned/ directed or as necessity dictates.


  • High school diploma or G.E.D.
  • A minimum of three years specialized experience applying the principles, practices, skills and techniques used by military force, protective force, security police, and law enforcement personnel.
  • A minimum of two years teaching experience and certification as an instructor.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain an appropriate DOE security clearance.
  • A working knowledge of PC’s and related MS programs.
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in the use, function, training points, and tactical deployment of firearms.
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in a field environment of, but not limited to, squad ambushes, squad urban defense, and squad attacks.
  • Knowledge of nomenclature, function, and manipulation of weapons utilized within the TSD system and employment of weapons systems.
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in the employment of weapons and synchronization of elements in the conduct of a counterattack at the platoon level.
  • Knowledge of DOE orders relating to firearms, firearms safety, and qualification courses.
  • Knowledge of Live Fire Range operations, policies, and procedures.
  • Maintain a level of physical fitness and agility sufficient to perform requisite physical tasks and functions.
  • Knowledge of applicable assigned subject/topical areas for the level of instruction delivered.
  • Ability to develop course objectives, lesson plans, training aids, and student evaluations.
  • Thorough knowledge of training and learning techniques, both theoretical and practical, and demonstrated skill in delivering an effective, professional training presentation.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to plan and interact with people from diverse backgrounds/
  • Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate the training schedule.
  • Ability to travel for training and other ITP-OST business.

Working Conditions 


Work is normally performed in an office, workshop, or classroom setting.  Work is also performed outdoors on a range or in support of a training exercise.  Workers may be exposed to dust, fumes, loud noises, and the environment. 


Physical Requirements 


Work involves standing, walking, running, and kneeling for sustained periods.  May involve occasional heavy lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling.