Professional, Trusted Security Solutions to Safeguard Personnel and Infrastructure

In today’s ever-changing security environment, the ability to identify and mitigate threats is critical to a successful security program.

Constellis, through its subsidiaries, delivers quality-driven, professional services to safeguard personnel, infrastructure and other valuable assets and investments. Recognized for our unique ability to successfully operate complex security programs while delivering unparalleled customer service, our goal is to enable business continuity that achieves customer objectives.

Organizations depend upon Constellis and its subsidiaries to secure their critical assets and personnel while reducing costs and mitigating risks before they can adversely impact operations. Our innovative, customized security solutions are designed to facilitate operations, allowing our customers to remain focused on their primary business or policy objectives within a secure environment. Constellis, through its subsidiaries, offers a customer-centric approach that combines broad command leadership, operational excellence, and industry best practices to produce a cost-effective, best-value solution.

For a list of states in which Constellis’ subsidiaries provide security services and the relevant license information, please click here.

Security Capabilities

Program Operations

Constellis has managed protective force operations for governments and multinational corporations. With former military and law enforcement backgrounds, our highly trained specialists are experts in counterterrorism, special operations, training, weapons, explosives, security strategy and analysis, medical preparedness and high-risk crisis operations. They have developed and implemented comprehensive, field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk, including:

  • U.S. Government federal agencies
  • Nuclear facilities
  • National laboratories
  • Oil and mining infrastructure
  • Corporate sites
  • Critical municipal infrastructure and utilities

Certified Standards

Constellis entities are (Private Security Company Standard) PSC.1 certified and continue to maintain a longstanding commitment of adhering to, and living by, the principles of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC). Learn more.

Security Careers

At Constellis, you can help make the world a safer place in a variety of different ways – from physical protective services and high consequence protection, to corporate risk management or event security. If protecting is second-nature to you, you’re in the right place.

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Unarmed Security Officer – TS

Chantilly, Virginia — United States + 1 other location

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Armed Security Officer

Minnesota, Minnesota — United States + 1 other location

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Unarmed Security Guard-Dallas County

Dallas, Texas — United States

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Armed Security Guard-Dallas County

Dallas, Texas — United States

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Part-Time Protective Security Officer – FPS PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — United States

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