Explosive Threat Mitigation

EOD and IEDD Assessments, Training and Mentoring

Threats from improvised and conventional explosives are prevalent in areas marked by a history of strife. These communities live with dangerous and complex threats from explosives, even in times of peace. Explosive Threat Mitigation solutions provided by experienced, professional explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) / improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) subject matter experts like those at Constellis company, TDI, help mitigate these risks and move communities forward towards safety.

Through a long history of working in post-conflict and hostile environments, TDI has developed a range of Explosive Threat Mitigation solutions including IED Disposal and EOD and IEDD Training and Mentoring. Our EOD and IEDD professionals have experiences gained in a myriad of theaters of operation.

Comprehensive Threat Assessments and Explosive Disposal

We work with local partners in challenging and high-risk environments, coordinating with international bodies to deliver strategic and tactical solutions for explosive threats.

Flexible and Customised Training and Mentoring Solutions

We tailor training solutions to each customer and candidate’s experience and ability. Our bespoke solutions can be adapted to specific threats to address unique customer locations and needs.