PSS / Designated Defensive Marksman (PSS/DDM) | WPSIII

Career Area: Security International
City: Baghdad, Iraq
Country: Iraq
Job Description



In an ever-changing and complex world, security concerns are paramount. Enhanced security requires education, training and specialized skills. Constellis provides end-to-end risk management and comprehensive security solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure globally. Our team of strategic problem solvers has a steadfast moral compass and unwavering dedication to creating a safer world. Constellis is committed to the success of our customers and partners.





This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.

  • Provide designated defensive marksman services as assigned
  • Perform day-to-day personal protective security functions
  • Drive lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, follow-vehicle, and/or acting as response agent whenever required in motorcade or similar operations
  • Maintain assigned protective formation position during principal’s walking movements
  • Participate in advance security preparations
  • Man the security post at the principal’s residence or mans the command post, or other static post as required
  • Serve as a member of a QRF as assigned


  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must possess a valid U.S. driver’s license and a valid U.S. tourist passport
  • Must be able to obtain an Iraq Work permit; per the parameters of the Law Regulating Private Security Companies in Iraq NO (52) 2017 
  • Must attend and successfully complete a sniper/DDM/sharpshooter program issued by a military, law enforcement, or security (government or commercial) training program. This sniper/DDM/sharpshooter program must be of suitable complexity and quality to adequately prepare the graduate for successful performance as a WPS III DDM. Examples of programs that meet this requirement include, but are not limited to:
    1. United States Marine Corps (USMC) Scout/Sniper
    2. United States Army Sniper School
    3. United States Special Forces Sniper School (formerly SOTIC)
    4. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Hostage Rescue Team (HRT)/Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)
    5. Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Mobile Security Division (MSD) DDM
    6. National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA) recognized law enforcement sniper course
    7. S. Army Search and Rescue Team (SRT) Level II course
  • Must provide evidence of a minimum M4 qualification score of 95% (i.e., 285 out of 300 with iron sights) or better on the DS qualification course of fire. This qualification must be the candidate’s most recent M4 qualification and have been performed within the last ninety (90) days. The candidate shall maintain this qualification level with the M4 throughout contract performance under this position
  • Must possess a minimum of three (3) years of applicable experience
  1. A minimum of two (2) years of this experience must be as a DDM/sniper/sharpshooter. Candidates claiming military experience must have either a sniper military occupation specialty (MOS) or additional skill identifier (ASI). If claiming law enforcement experience for this requirement, it must be full-time and not as a collateral duty.
  2. Experience may be gained in the employ of any national, state, provincial, local, or commercial entities providing armed protective services
  • Qualify with the Glock-19, M4 or MK18, M240, M249, MK12 and SR25 as specified by the designated TO, re-qualifying as required on WPS III
  • Obtain and maintain a personnel security clearance as specified in the task order
  • Complete the Physical Readiness Test at the 65% performance level, and maintain that fitness level for the duration of service on the contract
  • Possess no impediments to traveling overseas to and within countries that are considered dangerous or unhealthy in general, or to the country or countries assigned in the applicable task order in specific
  • As required by the Client, applicants will need to show proof of full vaccination status, defined as vaccinated two weeks after receiving the requisite number of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved or authorized for emergency use by the FDA

The following keywords and/or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes, may qualify for this position: 1811, 0311, 11A, 11B, 11Z, 18A, 18B, 18C, 18D,18E, 18F, 18Z, 1T2X1, 31B, 0317, Sniper, Sharpshooter, Marksman, Marksmen, Precision Shooter, Reconnaissance and Surveillance.




Must be able to pass and maintain physical readiness requirements during the duration of employment.




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Constellis offers a comprehensive, total rewards package that includes competitive compensation and a flexible benefits package that reflect its commitment to creating a diverse and supportive workplace.

  • Medical, Vision & Dental Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Insurance: Basic Life & Supplemental Life
  • Employee Assistance
  • Program Performance Reviews & Advancement Opportunities
  • Personal Development & Learning Opportunities
  • On-the-job Training, Skills Development & Certifications
  • Employee Referral Program