Algeria Weekly Report- 22 February 2018

This week in Algeria, there were 92 critical incidents, resulting in 18 deaths and 462 arrests. Arrests included 366 immigrants, 16 drug traffickers and 25 contraband smugglers. Human and social incidents accounted for 34.78% of the total incident pool, followed by criminality with 31.52% and security and defense with 19.57%. On 19 February, a terrorist attack was recorded in Khenchela, where a bomb explosion disrupted an ongoing sweeping operation, leaving two soldiers dead. This was the second terrorist attack in the area in the last two weeks. A military source revealed that the bombs used in Tebessa last week and Khenchela this week date back to the nineties.

More than 19,000 striking school teachers are likely to be dismissed in the next few weeks in Tizi Ouzou, Bejaia and Blida, on grounds of job abandonment. The union that organized the strike, CNAPESTE, has reiterated its demands, and refused to end the strike. The Minister of Education has met with other five autonomous unions, but failed to reach an agreement. Consequently, a two-day nationwide strike was observed this week. Read more in our Algeria Weekly report.