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April 14, 2022


United States (Security threat level – 2): On 13 April 2022, authorities from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the nationwide mask mandate for public transportation, including aircraft and transportation hubs, until at least 3 May. The order was originally set to expire on 18 April. Officials stated that the extension is meant to allow additional time to study the effects of the BA.2 omicron subvariant of COVID-19, the spread of which has led to an increase in new COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.

United States (Security threat level – 2): On 13 April 2022, protesters gathered outside of the police department headquarters in central Grand Rapids, Michigan, following the release of a video depicting an officer-involved shooting of a local resident during a traffic stop on 4 April. Protest organizers stated that a second demonstration is set to take place in Rosa Parks Circle on 14 April. City officials warned that additional demonstrations are expected to occur in the downtown area over the next several days, and possibly throughout the weekend. While no significant violence was reported during the previous demonstration, travelers near the city center are advised to avoid large gatherings and monitor local news sources for additional protest-related information.


Somalia (Security threat level – 5): At approximately 0200 local time (2300 UTC) on 14 April 2022, Somali security authorities reported that the Afisyoni air force base – located approximately 2 km (1 mi) east of Aden Adde International Airport (HCMM/MGQ) – was subjected to a barrage of mortar shells. The attack occurred just prior to a swearing-in ceremony for new parliamentarians scheduled to take place at the base. No casualties occurred as a result of the assault. The al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.


Honduras (Security threat level – 4): On 13 April 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa issued a Security Alert regarding travel during the Semana Santa holiday, which reads in part as follows: “As people travel throughout Honduras during Semana Santa, driving conditions will be more hazardous due to increased vehicular traffic. Additionally, increased police presence and check points will affect vehicle traffic throughout Honduras. U.S. citizens should prepare accordingly.

“In general, crime tends to rise slightly around holidays. U.S. citizens may be targeted by criminals for appearing to be more affluent than others. The best way to avoid being a target is to be aware of your environment and use common sense. Employing the following recommendations judiciously will reduce the chance that you will become a victim of crime.”

Peru (Security threat level – 3): On 13 April 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Lima issued a Demonstration Alert regarding a regional strike in Cusco from 18-19 April, which reads in part as follows: “In Cusco, a regional strike of agricultural unions and social organizations is planned for Monday, April 18 and Tuesday, April 19. Roadblocks, traffic congestion, and disruptions to train service are expected within the city and along the main routes to and from Machu Picchu.”

South Africa (Security threat level – 4): On 13 April 2022, the U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) issued updated travel advice for South Africa, which reads in part as follows: “Heavy rain and flooding has led to damage to infrastructure and to some transport links in the city of Durban, as well as other areas in KwaZulu-Natal Province. If you are travelling in the area, you should be aware of the risk of road closures and delays and some disruption to services. Follow the advice of local authorities, listen to local radio and check for any disruptions to your route or destination before starting your journey.”