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April 05, 2022


Peru (Security threat level – 3): At approximately 0000 local time (0500 UTC) on 5 April 2022, the Peruvian Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency in the Lima and Callao regions amid protests and clashes between police officers and demonstrators angered over rising fuel and fertilizer prices. Under the state of emergency, a curfew is in effect from 0200-2359 local time on 5 April, limiting the freedom of movement and assembly. According to government officials, the measures were implemented to curtail recent widespread protests amid an ongoing strike related to the rising prices.

On 4 April police officers clashed with demonstrators participating in the eighth day of a nationwide freight carriers’ strike in the central city of Huánuco – located approximately 250 km (155 mi) northeast of the capital Lima – and also in the town of Huaycán — located approximately 30 km east of the capital Lima. In Huánuco, police officers clashed with protesters who vandalized the local municipal building, throwing stones and breaking windows. Additionally, protesters attacked motorcycle taxi drivers who were not adhering to the strike. In Huaycán, police officers clashed with approximately 50 protesters as they blocked a section of the Central Highway and threw sticks, stones and other projectiles at public passenger buses for not honoring the strike. One person was injured in the clashes.

Later on 4 April, hundreds of freight carriers obstructed traffic and set fire to tollbooths near kilometer 273 of the Panamericana Sur highway in Ica, Peru, located approximately 300 km (190 mi) south of the capital Lima. Police officers attempted to disperse the protesters but failed to prevent them from gaining control of the highway. Protesters then disrupted traffic along the highway and threw stones and bottles at passing vehicles. Authorities reported that six protesters were injured during the clashes.

United States (Security threat level – 2): At approximately 1645 local time (2145 UTC) on 4 April 2022, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorities declared a ground stop at William P. Hobby Airport (KHOU/HOU) in Houston, Texas, due to an electricity outage on runway 4/22. Faulty wiring and a transformer issue caused the outage. According to airport authorities, at least 58 flights were canceled, while 61 other flights were delayed. The airport resumed normal operations at approximately 1945 local time.


China (Security threat level – 3): On 4 April 2022, municipal authorities in Shanghai announced that a city-wide lockdown, originally scheduled to end on 5 April, will be extended until further notice as health authorities review the results of large-scale COVID-19 testing carried out within the city. According to local authorities, movement both within and outside the city will only be permitted to those seeking medical treatment. Hundreds of residents have reported not being able to leave their homes for essential food items. Additionally, all city residents will be required to undergo nucleic acid testing. Individuals who refuse to comply with coronavirus testing or movement restriction measures will be subject to administrative and criminal prosecution. Shanghai has been under lockdown since 28 March following a spike in COVID-19 cases in the city.


Hungary (Security threat level – 2): At approximately 0700 local time (0500 UTC) on 5 April 2022, a train derailed and turned over after colliding with a van near Mindszent, Hungary – located approximately 170 km (100 mi) southeast of Budapest. According to transportation authorities, 22 passengers were aboard the train, which was traveling from Hodmezovasarhely to Kiskunfelegyhaza when it collided with the van. The collision killed five of the van’s passengers and injured 10 rail passengers. Travel on the railway has been suspended until 7 April to allow crews to remove the overturned train and repair damaged tracks.


South Africa (Security threat level – 4): On 4 April 2022, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced an end to the country’s COVID-19 state of disaster declaration. The nullification of the declaration also signifies the expiration of regulations regarding the declaration’s five-tier lockdown system, rules regarding access to retirement homes and medical facilities, and criminal penalties for non-adherence to coronavirus prevention measures. However, government authorities also announced that a number of transitional prevention measures will remain in effect, including the mandatory wearing of face masks at indoor gatherings, in addition to limits of 1,000 people for indoor gatherings and 2,000 people at outdoor gatherings. Furthermore, travelers entering the country will still be required to present documentation proving that they are fully vaccinated, or show proof of a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to their arrival. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated will be administered “on-arrival” rapid antigen tests and will be required to self-isolate for 10 days if positive.


El Salvador (Security threat level – 4): On 4 April 2022, the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador issued a Security Alert, which reads in part as follows: “Per open source reporting, since the Government of El Salvador’s enactment of emergency measures on March 27, violent encounters between law enforcement personnel and alleged gang members continue around the country. Persons not directly involved in such events can still be at risk for arrest or injury. U.S. citizens should maintain heightened awareness of this risk as they consider any travel to or around El Salvador.”

Greece (Security threat level – 2): On 4 April 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Athens issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows:

“Location: Athens and locations throughout Greece

“The following strikes are scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2022 (12:00am to 11:59pm), unless otherwise noted:

  • “Ferry and boat employees will be on a 24-hour strike.
  • Athens Metro (Lines 2 & 3) will be on a 24-hour strike.
  • Athens Green Line Train (Line 1) will be on a 24-hour strike.
  • Trams will be on a 24-hour strike.
  • Trolleys will be on a 24-hour strike.
  • Buses will operate from 09:00 – 21:00.
  • Air Traffic Controllers Union will join the strike (timing TBD).

“Other organizations may decide to join the 24-hour Panhellenic General Strike for April 6, 2022 without prior warning. Please monitor www.apergia.gr and local media for last minute strike notifications.”

Sri Lanka (Security threat level – 4): On 5 April 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Colombo issued a Demonstration Alert regarding ongoing protests in the capital, which reads in part as follows:

“There are two larger-scale demonstrations taking place in Colombo: (1) 1,000-1,500 student protestors gathering at Colombo University in the vicinity of the UN office who plan to march to Temple Trees, and (2) a gathering of protestors in the area around Parliament. Additional demonstrations are gathering around the city: currently they appear small, but protests can grow in size rapidly.

“U.S. government personnel have been advised to avoid areas of large gatherings.”