Iraq Weekly Report – 15 – 21 January 2018

This week in Iraq, hostile incident levels increased negligibly this week, remaining in line with established parameters. Patterns of hostile activity in Baghdad were largely unchanged, though a double SVIED attack took place in Tayaran Square. Elsewhere, key incident drivers remained low-level criminality and localised disputes, with insurgent activity most prevalent in the southern Baghdad Belt area. The dominant political narratives were high level talks between Baghdad and the KRG, alongside an attempt to postpone the upcoming elections in Parliament.

Ninawa remained the focal point for violence. Evidence suggests the insurgency is gradually regenerating across the province. However, though detected incidents increased, overall levels of hostility remain subdued. Military operations in Albu Saif and Shamsiyat were ongoing, to counter the established IS presence in these zones. Security reporting was dominated by the withdrawal of Federal Police Units from Mosul, who were replaced by the IA 20th Division. Read more in our Iraq Weekly report.