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Kidnap & Ransom Update September 13, 2018


1. (COLOMBIA, 12/09/18) ELN releases six hostages in western Colombia

On 12 September, Colombia’s ELN rebels freed six people they kidnapped in August, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said. The group, three policemen, a soldier and two civilian contractors, were abducted by the guerrillas on 3 August in the western Choco department. The hostages were handed over to a humanitarian commission made up of the Ombudsman, and representatives of the ICRC and the Roman Catholic Church. Colombian President Ivan Duque over the past weekend demanded the release of “all” the ELN hostages to resume the talks started under the previous government in Cuba. According to government records, the ELN kidnapped 18 people between 2012 and September 2018, of which at least nine remain hostage. FULL ARTICLE (1)


2. (TURKEY, 12/09/18) Palestinian family victim of kidnapping attempt in Istanbul

A Palestinian family declared they were the victims of a kidnapping attempt on board a taxi in the city of Istanbul. The incident was reported to the police, who located the driver and arrested him. No more information was made available. FULL ARTICLE

3. (SYRIA, 12/09/18) Two Lebanese men kidnapped in Syria

Two Lebanese men were kidnapped while traveling in Syria on 11 September. Their whereabouts are currently unknown. Firas Al-Sayegh and Basel Al-Ahmadiya were hijacked while driving to the Al-Suwaydiya governorate to pick up Al-Ahmadiya’s wife. The victims’ relatives confirmed the kidnappers have yet to contact them. FULL ARTICLE

4. (IRAQ, 13/09/18) IS militants kidnap two from health facility in Kirkuk

On 13 September, Islamic State (IS) militants kidnapped two Kurdish men from a health centre in the village in Daquq, south of Kirkuk city, stealing also medical equipment. Among the hostages was an ambulance driver. The motivation behind the kidnaping is not clear. Police say they have launched an investigation into the incident. FULL ARTICLE


5. (MALI, 12/09/18) Director of local NGO kidnapped in Bamako

The director general of the NGO Al Farouk, Ibrahim Kontao, was kidnapped late at night on 3 September from his home in the Kalaban-coura ACI area of Bamako. Kontao was abducted by unknown individuals wearing uniform. According to reports, the kidnappers have already demanded the payment of a ransom. DG Kontao is also a member of the High Islamic Council and the League of Preachers of Mali. FULL ARTICLE