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September 30, 2021


Bermuda (Security threat level – 1): As of 0800 local time (1200 UTC) on 30 September 2021, Hurricane Sam was located approximately 575 km (355 mi) northeast of the northern Leeward Islands and about 1,250 km southeast of Bermuda, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. At that time, Sam was moving northwest at 19 kph (12 mph) and had maximum sustained winds of 230 kph, with higher gusts. On its current forecast path, Sam will remain a major hurricane and continue moving in a northwest motion, passing to the east of Bermuda during the early hours of 2 October. Tropical storm conditions are possible in Bermuda beginning on the evening of 1 October. Sam is expected to produce swells that can cause life-threatening surf and riptide conditions along the coastal areas of the northern Leeward Islands and the Greater Antilles — including Puerto Rico — beginning on 30 September. Swells are expected to affect Bermuda and the Bahamas on 1 October and the eastern coast of the U.S. during 2-3 October. A Tropical Storm Watch is currently in effect for Bermuda.

Paraguay (Security threat level – 3): On 29 September 2021, police officers clashed with demonstrators who had gathered outside the National Congress building in downtown Asunción to protest legislation that would increase the penalty for invasions of private property. Individuals set fire to at least four vehicles during the demonstration. At least one protester and seven police officers were injured in the clashes. Supporters of the National Peasant Federation, which represents impoverished farmers, had organized the demonstration after the legislature ratified the law to increase the penalty for occupying private property to six years imprisonment from four years.

United States (Security threat level – 2): The Mount Kilauea volcano, situated on the island of Hawaii (also known as Big Island) in the U.S. state of Hawaii, began erupting on the afternoon of 29 September 2021. Prior to the eruption in the Halemaumau crater at the summit, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory had detected increased seismic activity and raised the volcano’s alert level to “warning” — the highest level on a four-tier scale — which indicates a dangerous eruption is imminent, underway or expected. Additionally, the aviation code was changed to the highest “red” alert, which indicates an eruption with a significant emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere is likely or underway and could affect air traffic in the area. The lava remains confined to the Halemaumau crater in a closed area of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located in the southeastern part of the island, and currently poses no threat to inhabited areas situated in the east rift zone. However, volcanic smog has been observed downwind of Kilauea and it could contribute to poor air quality in the area.


Georgia (Security threat level – 3): On 30 September 2021, the U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) issued updated travel advice for Georgia, which reads in part as follows: “The political situation in Georgia is generally calm, but there is heightened tension in connection with local elections on 2 October. This may result in demonstrations or protests, in particular around Rustaveli Avenue in central Tbilisi and at Tbilisi airport, as well as in other large towns. These could escalate without warning. You should check local media, stay away from any large gatherings and demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities.”

Sudan (Security threat level – 5): On 29 September 2021, the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum issued a Demonstration Alert, which reads in part as follows:

“Location: Gathering points may include, but are not limited to, areas around Jackson Square and areas of downtown Khartoum.

“Event: Demonstrations are expected to take place on September 30, 2021. Exact start times are unknown, but demonstrations are expected to begin around 1300 local time. Demonstrations may result in road closures and have the potential to escalate.

“U.S. government personnel are advised to avoid these areas until further notice.”