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Street Officer Survival Course

Law enforcement officers face sudden and unforeseen violent encounters while engaged in normal duties. During this three-day intensive Street Officer Survival course, law-enforcement officers engage in realistic scenarios designed to enhance decision-making and physical skills required during violent encounters. Each scenario is a replication of a real life-threatening incident encountered in the line of duty. This course focuses on the fundamentals of shooting, tactical pistol and carbine/patrol rifle skills and aims to teach students how to prepare for, survive and succeed in lethal encounters.

To schedule a course, please contact Train@Constellis.com.


  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Tactical pistol skills
  • Carbine/patrol rifle skills
  • Preparing for lethal encounters


All firearms and armorer tools used in the course are provided by Constellis.


AR-15 Carbine Armorer 

Ammunition Requirements