Algeria Weekly Report – 28 December 2017

This week in Algeria, there were 82 critical incidents, resulting in 288 arrests, including those of 101 immigrants, 35 drug traffickers and 66 contraband smugglers. Criminality events accounted for 39.02% of the total incident pool, followed by human and social crises with 30.49%. In Tlemcen, five suspected Islamic State insurgents were apprehended. The suspects are believed to have been preparing attacks for New Year’s Eve. An investigation is still underway. Security was reinforced in Algiers and other large cities to protect important assets, after the Islamic State issued calls to militants around the world to carry out attacks on 31 December. In Bouira, the explosion of an IED wounded a hiker in the region of Kadiria. The explosive is thought to have been placed by a local insurgent group, which targeted the army. Find out more in our Algeria weekly report.