Basra Weekly Report – 10 March 2018

Two grenades and one grenade find were recorded in Basra last week. On 5 March, four men inside a vehicle threw a hand grenade onto the main road, directly outside Abu al-Khasib Police Station. One policeman in the vicinity of the explosion sustained injuries to the face and right leg. Material damage was also caused to a police vehicle. IP responded immediately to the incident, and gave chase to the assailant’s car resulting in their later arrest. The detainees included a father, his two sons and another individual. Two days later, a man threw a HG at the residence of his father in Maqil following a family dispute. The victim later reported the incident to Maqil Police Station and claimed his son had since run away. The device resulted in no casualties, only material damage. As such, it is assessed the device was likely intended to be intimidatory in nature. Read more in our Basra weekly report.