Check out Olive Group’s latest Kidnap for Ransom Insight Report. Our November 2016 issue covers global kidnapping incidents, trends and K&R hotspots at the regional, national and provincial level over the months of September, October and early November of this year. In this issue, we bring insight into the kidnap threat in West Africa, in particular in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Mauritania, assessed to be the primary kidnap for ransom hotspots in the region. While West Africa has recoded impressive economic progress over the past decade, a recent increase in armed conflict, coupled with high levels of terrorism, piracy and organized crime have sparked concerns over regional stability as a whole. Underlying security challenges have in turn contributed to a surge in kidnap for ransom activity, assessed as among the highest of any region worldwide. While local nationals account for the majority of victims, the region is characterised by its heightened threat towards foreign nationals, regarded by threat actors as higher value targets.

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