Working for Women, Peace, and Security

Working for Women, Peace, and Security

Constellis wins the 2021 ISOA Women, Peace, and Security Global Impact Award

Last month marked the first anniversary of the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) Women, Peace, and Security Certification Program, established by Michelle Quinn. Yesterday, Constellis Chief Growth Officer, Darryle Conway, Chief Human Resources Officer, Beth Skoletsky, and Vice President of Business Development, Aimee Vineyard, accepted the ISOA Women, Peace and Security Global Impact Award for the company’s efforts in promoting women’s meaningful participation in peace and security. Constellis ensures women are empowered to lead and contribute, equipped with the necessary skills and support to succeed, and have access to opportunities and resources.

Constellis supports the United Nations Aviation Security program in countries including Mogadishu, Somalia, where our team provides aviation security screening, training and mentoring services and contributes to capacity building in Somalia by training and mentoring Somalia government authorities in relevant aviation security subjects under the UN mandate. Within the past year, two of our female supervisors on the contract, Ms. Masouma and Ms. Shayo, received their AVSEC Aviation Professional Manager (AVSEC PM) certifications by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), joining the elite group of 1045 aviation security professionals worldwide. Ms. Masouma, who received her certification in August 2020, was also the first Afghani woman to achieve this certification.

The ICAO Professional Aviation Security Management course demands time, money and more from students. The costs must be paid in full prior to the course; extensive travel is required for in-person training; in addition to the material content of the course, students must be fluent in English, the language of the final exam. To assist with these requirements, Adelino da Silva, Constellis’ project manager on site in Somalia tutored the women on their English. He also coordinated travel for the in-person training and worked with Constellis leadership to facilitate loans from the Company, allowing the women to take the course without having to pay in full up-front.

Constellis is committed to Women’s Economic Empowerment and the principles of Women, Peace, and Security and the positive impact on global fragility and security outcomes. Darryle Conway, Constellis Chief Growth Officer, serves on the ISOA Women, Peace and Security Working Group and is on the Board of Directors for Eagle Online Academy. Eagle Online Academy is a nonprofit organization passionate about long term online education solutions with a primary focus on benefiting women and girls. Eagle Online Academy is looking to serve women globally, starting in Afghanistan.

Customer Success! Divan Hotel Erbil Completes Our RoSPA Accredited Defensive Driver Training Course

Customer Success! Divan Hotel Erbil Completes Our RoSPA Accredited Defensive Driver Training Course

Two successful Constellis RoSPA Accredited Defensive Driver Training courses were delivered in Erbil Kurdistan, with five Divan Hotel chauffeur drivers passing the course with distinction.

As international brands like the Divan Hotel look to secure a safer work environment for staff and clients, the three-day Constellis Defensive Driver Training Course fits their unique requirements and challenges. All drivers now possess the skills and fundamental understanding of defensive driving. As a result, the brand and profile of the Divan Hotel has improved with this internationally recognized accredited course.

“Thank you for the Defensive Driving Course you provided to our Divan Erbil Hotel drivers,” said Can Unluer, General Manager for Divan Hotel Erbil. “Your professional encouragement and constant motivation pushed our drivers to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring them to be excellent in defensive driving. I feel more confident about our drivers’ skills which are highly crucial for the Divan brand.”

The RoSPA Accredited Defensive Driving Course (DDC) is a theory and competency based training package. The course is designed to help drivers develop an understanding of hazards and risk-based thinking regarding their defensive driving techniques, helping them to minimise risk when driving.

In addition to promoting an understanding of defensive driving principles, the course encourages drivers to evaluate their driving behaviours and understand how they can improve through driver education.

If you are interested in finding out more about our driver training courses, please contact [email protected] or call on 00 964 (0) 7809249252